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ONE of the biggest cosmetics companies in the direct sales system , Bisnis Oriflame , reached the age of 25 years . In the silver age , Oriflame Indonesia achieved fifth position in product sales .

" We 've become number five in 2010 , and the number one beauty company for direct sales , " said Chairman and Founder Oriflame , Robert of Jochnick in the event Hut 25th Oriflame , at Standard Chartered Tower , Jakarta

Under these conditions , the white -haired man was appointed as the company Oriflame exemplary .

" I'm proud to say Oriflame be an example for companies ' direct ' the other . Oriflame company is valued as ' ethnical behavior' , " said Robert .

Thanks to the support of the consultants and customers in the consumer - Oriflame in support of the business and its superior products , Oriflame is still standing to this day .

Established since 1986, the cosmetics company with a direct sales system is not only solidified products from natural ingredients only, but the business has to offer is so unique , so it can change a person's life and realize the dream of many people .

" Oriflame provides an opportunity for consultants to be able to be ' entrepreneurs ' are able to increase their income , " said Fauwzy Siddik , Stakeholder & Commissaris Oriflame Indonesia , on the same occasion .

In addition to successfully occupy the top five positions , Oriflame also introduced online sales system . Making it easier for the consultant to the location of a new branch office and was originally located in Bulungan , but this time in the town center with a more spacious and comfort make it easier for consultants and consumers .

"In 2010, Oriflame make large investments . One was an order through online . Investment is the second of our new building . We are very proud to bring Oriflame office in Jakarta elite place . And this year is so much investment , " said Managing Director of Oriflame Indonesia , Ted Boman .

Not only that, in the age of a quarter century , Oriflame launches mascot is stuffed dragons . In this case Oriflame participate in the maintenance of the environment and the activities that take place in the Park .

" At the age of 25 years , Oriflame select mascot dragons to keep this rare animal habitats , " added Robert .

To help preserve the dragons in their natural habitat , Oriflame Indonesia donates 100 million .

Komodo National Park was named as one of the finalists of the seven wonders of the world . Oriflame Indonesia greatly appreciated tourist spots and natural environment in Indonesia . thank to Tips Memilih peluang bisnis oriflame secara online plus dbc network
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